Budge’s “Golden Sunshine” Honey is all natural, 100% pure, raw clover honey, meaning it has not been filtered or pasteurized (heated to high temperatures). It is extracted and cleaned at low temperatures (to preserve all of the health benefits of natural honey) and then strained to remove particles of pollen and wax. Raw honey may granulate quickly; that’s why we a spend a little more and bottle our honey in a re-usable glass jar, not a plastic bottle. To re-liquify simply place the jar in a pan of warm water.

Budge’s Honey looks different because it is NEVER blended with other honeys of varying quality (like the mass produced honey you often see on the shelf). Budge’s Honey has been twice awarded “BEST TASTING HONEY” by the National Beekeepers Association.

We hope you enjoy eating Budge’s Honey as much as we enjoy producing it!

- The Budge Family